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A Long-awaited Apron for Father’s Day52 (Family) Projects in 2012: #12

When I first announced this project, I mentioned that my business draws my attention away from sewing for my family. That is true, but add sewing for my children to sewing for business, and my poor husband gets totally left out in the cold. He asked me to make him an apron for Father’s Day . . . last year. He might have even mentioned the apron a few more times after the original request . . . Christmas, his birthday, almost every time he’s cooked in the last year. Well, he finally has his apron!

Ray actually does the majority of the dinner cooking in our house, so this apron will be well-used. (He’s been away from home quite a bit lately, and I really miss sharing the cooking responsibilities!) I chose the background fabric for the apron itself, but the kids picked out the pocket fabric. Apparently, they think that Daddy can’t cook anything without peppers and onions.

I used McCalls 2233 which I’ve used a few times before. It’s a quick and easy pattern, and I mostly follow the instructions to assemble it. I was thinking as I was putting this one together, that it would be really simple to make it reversible. Maybe I’ll try that next time.

I think men tend to be harder to sew for than women (and they’re definitely harder to sew for than children). What have you sewn for your husband? Is there something on your list for him? (He’ll probably understand if it takes you a year to sew for him. Just be sure to actually do it!)

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3 Responses to A Long-awaited Apron for Father’s Day52 (Family) Projects in 2012: #12

  • Kristy says:

    This turned out great! I agree that it can be much harder to sew for our guys. I made aprons this weekend too! I’m caught up for a bit with these aprons and a couple pair of lounge shorts I made him though. 🙂

  • Angie says:

    My husband has been waiting for a few months for a t-shirt. He is 6’5″, so shirts are really expensive. Poor guy has been getting put on the back burner for kids clothes….. Hopefully he’ll get his next month. 🙂

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