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Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

Since we don’t currently have any crawling babies or pets, Ray suggested that we skip using our artificial tree this year and buy a real one. I love real trees, so I was easily convinced.  We’ve never cut down our own tree before, and I thought it would make a great family memory to do just that.  A little bit of hunting turned up a tree farm less than an hour from our house, and the whole family got excited about choosing and cutting our own tree! 

The day after Thanksgiving was a beautiful day here in Dallas, even if it was a little un-Christmas-like. The temperature was around 70 degrees when we arrived at the tree farm. . . we just pretended that it was cold and enjoyed some free apple cider anyway. Then we boarded a hayride to travel out to the fields of trees.

Jamie was worried that the big ones wouldn’t fit in our house. He thought this one was perfect. Thankfully, we managed to convince him that we could fit one a little bit taller in our living room.

A little browsing among the trees brought us to this beauty which the kids decided was absolutely perfect.

Daddy cut it down. (He did let the kids each have a quick turn with the saw, too.)

Then it was back to the gift shop while we waited for our tree to be gathered, wrapped and tied onto the roof of the Suburban for the trip home.

A day later, and it’s beautifully decorated with an array of handmade (mostly kidmade) ornaments and ready to enjoy in our livingroom for the rest of the Christmas season.

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One Response to Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

  • I grew up cutting Christmas trees with my family. I miss that tradition. Looks like you have a lovely family. I have eight; it’s a lot of work but a lot of wonderful as well. Best wishes with your baby when he/she comes!

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