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Operation Pajama Drawer: Getting Started on Lazy Days for Charlie

Operation Pajama Drawer is finally underway! Have you started cutting anything out yet? Tomorrow is my Charlie’s 4th birthday, so my first PJ project this month is for him. I’m pairing up the Lillestoff firefighter print with solid gold cotton interlock for a Lazy Days Lounge Set.I cut out a size 5T for him last night after dinner. Now that he’s at the top end of the range of sizes in this pattern, I really want to extend it all the way up to size 12! My boys love this pattern, and I love sewing it. I cut the main parts of this pair out of one fabric, but one of my favorite things about this pattern is that you can use up your scraps for that top crossover part. You could even mix and match fabrics for the the two cross-over pieces and the bottom part of the shirt front . . . hmmmm . . . I might have to try that! As long as things go as planned, I’ll be sewing these up later today, so Charlie can sleep in them tonight!

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One Response to Operation Pajama Drawer: Getting Started on Lazy Days for Charlie

  • Melissa says:

    Yay! Would love to see this cozy set in bigger sizes and long sleeves for us up north :) I have some AJ pants cut out for my 4 year old and baby. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration to get those jammie drawers full!

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