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Lightning Vs. The Walnut Tree

Eeeeek! This is what I woke up to this morning. We’ve had some crazy storms here the last few days, and the gorgeous walnut tree that sits outside of my kitchen window was a victim of one that blew through here during the night. So, instead of typing a post about new patterns, I’m sharing pictures of my poor tree.
The smaller portion of the tree (thankfully) is currently residing on the roof of our side porch so the next day or so will involve ladders and chainsaws. Hopefully the clean-up outside will be quick because I’ll be cleaning inside, as well. My mama and my step-dad will be here this weekend for the high school graduation of our oldest son, Sean!
I’m a little behind where I’d planned to be with revealing new patterns and sharing the rest of my Quilt Market stories. (If I searched my blog, do you think I’d find that the phrase “I’m behind” is used more often than any other? Maybe I need to stop setting arbitrary deadlines for myself? But then I’d never get anything done!) Little things like the above always seem to pop at the most inopportune times. My plan is to post two more new patterns this evening before bedtime (big kid sizes of a couple of your favorites) and another new pattern tomorrow. Then, I’ll be taking the weekend off to enjoy some family time, and we’ll finish up with the last two patterns next Monday and Tuesday so you can buy them and get sewing! I’m taking a little inspiration from this squirrel who was busy gathering up walnuts from the injured tree this morning and just keeping on keeping on!
Just in case you can’t wait to read more about Quilt Market, check out this blog post from the folks at Pellon with links to Quilt Market posts from all over the sewing-blogosphere: Quilt Market Love. Enjoy!

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