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On the road to Florida with InstaGram

About two weeks ago now, the boxes were packed and labeled . . .

. . . and loaded. (Thanks so much to everyone who came out to help load the truck and to those who watched our little ones so we could get all the last minute details wrapped up! You were a huge blessing!)

We set out right after closing on Thursday morning and said, “Good-bye”, to Texas before lunch.

In the late afternoon, we crossed the Mississippi River,

and headed south across Mississippi.

We hit the Alabama state line after dark, exhausted and ready to collapse in a comfy bed.

After a little bit of excitement while traveling through the tunnel under the Mobile River, we did just that. (One thing you do not want to see when driving through an underwater tunnel is drops of water falling on the windshield. Thankfully, it only took a few seconds to see that a work crew was pressure-washing the inside of the tunnel. Shouldn’t they have to put up some kind of warning signs for that? “Do not panic! Pressure-washing crew ahead. You are not about to drown in a tunnel collapse!”)

After a good night’s sleep, we hit the road again and crossed the Florida state line early Friday morning. Woo-hoo!

We spent a week in Orlando, looking at houses, looking at houses and looking at more houses, but we did get one evening to pop over to the “Happiest Place on Earth” where we enjoyed a lovely afternoon of rides and a late night of amazing contemporary Christian music at Disney’s Night of Joy!

Now we’re settled into our temporary home in Melbourne while we wait for closing on our new permanent home. More on that to come!

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