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Operation Pajama Drawer

I have a little confession to make. Do you remember when I sewed Charlie’s and Jamie’s whole summer wardrobes almost three years ago? Summer Wardrobe Wrap-Up 2011 Jamie is still squeezing himself into those size 5T PJs . . . and he’s seven! I have made him a few new pairs of pajamas since then, but if I don’t keep up with the laundry, he’s right back to looking like the Incredible Hulk, bursting out of his clothes. At least people don’t generally see him in his jammies, right? And, Charlie? Well, Charlie was really blessed that I ran across some store-bought PJs on sale recently, or he’d be sleeping in nothing but a diaper. It’s a good thing we live in Florida, huh?

Enter Operation Pajama Drawer! It is time for me to fill up those drawers so my little guys can sleep in mama-made comfort and style again. Who’s up for sewing along with me? How about if I offer a prize? Start thinking about which of your little ones needs new PJs, and I’ll be back later this week with some details about joining in.

I’ll be sharing some pattern-addition tutorials along the way, too. I’ve got an amazing guest tutorial coming tomorrow! If you live somewhere other than Florida, and your kiddos’ toes get cold at night, this one is just for you.

In the meantime, here’s my Operation Pajama Drawer plan:Jamie mostly sleeps in pajama pants without a shirt, so he’s getting five pairs of woven pajama pants made from fabrics he chose from my stash. I’m thinking that I’ll make them long pants for now, then shorten them for the summer. (And, by “shorten them for summer” what I probably really mean is “shorten them in a year or so, when I suddenly notice that the long-pant length has become capri-length”.)Charlie is getting four pairs of knit PJs, sewn with these adorable organic-cotton Lillestoff prints from Simplifi Fabric combined with some solid organic cotton interlock from Organic Cotton Plus. I haven’t decided yet which of my patterns I’ll use for which prints.Finally, both boys have demanded that I sew them Pajama Party PJs from this Star Wars: The Clone Wars flannel that I picked up at Joann’s . . . um . . . a long time ago.

Okay, that’s enough procrastination confession for today. Time to get sewing!

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