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Sewn for You

I’ve made some pretty major changes to the guidelines for sewing to sell from Fishsticks Designs patterns and want to share them with you. Fishsticks Designs is a work-at-home-mom business, and it is my desire to always support other work-at-home-moms (and grandmas, aunts, dads . . . ) whenever I can. In addition to that, my business is growing incredibly quickly which is really exciting, but also leads me to the point of making some changes to the way I’ve always done things. Beginning immediately, those of you who work from home sewing to sell are free to use my patterns. I simply ask that you note either in your online listing or on a tag attached to the clothing that the item was sewn using a Fishsticks Designs pattern. I’d love it if you’d add a link back to my website, as well.

All items that are sewn to sell from Fishsticks Designs patterns must be sewn at home by an individual. Mass production is expressly prohibited.

Those work-at-home-moms who were active licensees when I ended my cottage licensing program will be featured as recommended seamstresses on my website for the next year on the Sewn for You tab. I will not be adding or changing the recommended seamstresses at anytime in the next year. I honestly just don’t have time. In a year, I’ll revisit the recommended seamstresses and decide then if I’ll make any changes.

To help those of you who are work-at-home-moms get started, I’ve designed a tutorial for making the simple, but professional, hangtags that you see above: Hangtag Tutorial

I am currently sold out of sew-in tags, but I expect to have more late next month. When they come in, you’ll be able to find them in my pattern store. I am also working on a second tag design, so you’ll have a choice of which one to use, if you’d like to.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment. Thanks!

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