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The Sweet Baby Sleep Bag Pattern at Sew Mama Sew

I’m guest posting over at Sew Mama Sew this morning with a free pattern for sweet new babies! You can hop over to check out the Sweet Baby Sleep Bag pattern right here: Sweet Baby Sleep Bag Pattern + Tutorial, and be sure to Pin it or bookmark it for all those future baby showers. It’s such a practical gift, and it’s a quick and easy sew that looks a lot more complicated than it really is!

Oh, and if you sew one, please share it, especially if it’s modeled on a sweet new baby. New baby pictures make my heart melt!

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16 Responses to The Sweet Baby Sleep Bag Pattern at Sew Mama Sew

  • sarah says:

    just a thought, adding sizes… considering a recent change in federal regulation… babies kept in day cares aren’t suppose to have loose bedding anymore – so no swaddling blankets! and most store bought sleep sacks go to only 9 mths. 🙁

    • Bonnie says:

      Thank you for commenting, Sarah! I totally have in mind the possibility of adding sizes at a later time if there seems to be a big desire for it.

  • Michelle says:

    Oh yes, please make it in bigger sizes!!!! 🙂 1) For those who have bigger babies that come out wearing a 3 month size 🙂 and 2) I think this would be my solution right now for night time CD’s. I’m trying to go back to using them at night, but to find any warm jammies to work with the big CD bum is always so hard and of course I can make them, but it requires some altering, big enough to fit over the CD, but adjusting so that they fit everywhere else where needs to be normal…and to say the least I’m not that great at big alterations. 🙂 As if you needed one more thing to add to your to do list I know, but figured I’d chime in. 🙂

  • sandi says:

    When I download the pattern some of each page is not there.Also should I use regular printer ppaper or a special kind?

  • sandi says:

    Thanks Bonnie,once I read the tutorial and laid it out made more sense. I added the middle piece 2 times as my grandaughter is long.Also can a hood and sleeves be added? I am doing mine out of light fleece as I wanted it a litle heavier. Was thinking with a hood and sleeves plus a 2 in hole near bottom could be used in the car and her bouncy seat. Pattern would be great as I am a novice.

  • Christine says:

    Very cute. I had one of these for both my kids. Loved it. Kept them warm at night but still let them move their arms. Like this one, mine zipped bottom to top which was ideal for late night diaper changes without waking baby. Mine was heavier. It was cotton and lined with terry fabric. My sister bought it in Europe for her kids and passed it on to me for my two. I still have it and was going to make a pattern from it as I have never seen a baby sleep bag like it for sale here in the States. All the ones I saw were zipped top to bottom which made no sense to me. Yours looks like a lighter version of mine. Would be good for summer babies. Thanks for sharing!

  • Debbie A. says:

    Thank you for sharing the baby sleep sack, your pattern is very easy to follow and I appreciate that. Have you had the opportunity to replicate this pattern for older babies? I need a 12-18 months and not quite sure how to increase for the upper body part. Thanks again for sharing your craft.

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